Joining in with the Craft Llama community will earn you Craft Llama Badges.

Where are my Craft Llama Badges?

They are displayed on the Achievements  section of your Craft Llama Profile page.  To see them, click the “more tabs” icon at the end of the menu , then choose “Achievements” from the drop-down menu that pops up.

You can also quickly get to your Badges by clicking on “My Craft Llama” followed by “Achievements” from the main menu at the top of the page.

How Do I Get More Craft Llama Badges?

You will automatically earn Craft Llama Badges by interacting with the website and community.  I am not going to tell you all the badges you can get, because surprises are fun!  So here are just a few of the Badges you can earn for your Profile.

New Llama Badge   You will have earned the New Llama Badge already – just because you joined Craft Llama.  Easy peasy 🙂

Raring To Go Badge   The Raring To Go Badge is awarded when you finish filling in your Craft Llama Profile.

Beautiful Friendship Badge   Accept a friend request to earn the llama-tastic I Think This is the Start of a Beautiful Friendship Badge.

Born Leader Badge   Create a Group on Craft Llama and you will get the Born Leader Badge.


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