How Many Llama Points Do I Have?

You currently have [mycred_my_balance wrapper=0 title_el=”” balance_el=””] Llama Points.

Your Llama Point balance is displayed on the right hand side of the screen, just underneath the big Forums button.

Below it is your current Llama Point Rank – this will change as you earn more points.

Your Llama Point total is also on your Profile page – right at the top, under your Profile picture.

And if you scroll down to the bottom of your Profile Page, it is repeated there too.

How Can I Earn More Llama Points?

There are many ways to earn Llama Points.  Just being part of the Craft Llama community will bring those Llama Points rolling in!  I am not going to tell you all the ways to earn points, so as to keep some surprises in store.  Here are a few ways to get you started, you will soon discover lots more.

  • Inviting friends to Craft Llama
  • Posting on your Activity Feed
  • Joining in on the Forums
  • … and many more ways for you to discover

What Can I Do With Llama Points?

At the moment Llama Points are mostly for fun.  However, I am hoping to add some new features in the future that will involve the points – so keep saving them up for now!

Llama Point Leaderboards

You can go to the Llama Point Leaderboards to see who has earnt the most Llama Points.

After New Year 2018 I will also be including “This Year” leaderboards too.  So don’t worry if you have just joined, you can still be top of a leaderboard someday soon!


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