You can create albums to store your picture uploads.

Creating a New Album

Go to your Profile Page (under My Craft Llama in the main menu). Click the “more tabs” icon at the end of the menu , then choose “Media” from the drop-down menu that pops up.

You will see your Media Gallery and all the pictures you have uploaded to Craft Llama.

To create a new album to organize them, click on Options and choose Add Album.

Add a title for the album and a short description of what it is about, then click Create Album.  Close this box when you have finished creating as many albums as you want for now.

Click on Upload and choose the Album you wish to upload the images into.  The click Select Files to upload pictures from your computer.

You can choose multiple files, or just one.  Then click to upload the images.

Viewing and Managing my Albums

Get to your Albums from your Media Gallery – the option is the middle one in the little menu over the Media Gallery title.

From here you can add a new album or click on any existing album to edit it.  You can Edit an album (change its name, add more pictures etc), Delete it or Merge two or more albums together.

You can share your albums by just sending the page URL to your friends.


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