There are a few different ways to customise your Profile Page and make it all about crafty you.

Beneath the main menu on your Profile Page you will see the customisation options.

How Do I Change My Profile Photo?

Choose “Change Profile Photo” from the small menu.   You can either choose an existing file from your computer or, if you have a camera available, take a new one.  Choose the area of the picture that you wish to use.  The small circle shows what your finished avatar will look like.  When you are ready click “Crop Image”.

You now have a new Profile Photo which will be used throughout the site.

How Do I Change my Cover Photo?

Choose “Change Cover Image” from the small menu.   The Cover Image is a rectangular image that goes behind the header of your Profile Pages.  The ideal size is 950px wide, and 440px tall.   Choose an image from your computer or, if you have a camera available, take a new one.  You may want to experiment to ensure that your Cover Image looks good.  Solid colours are a safe bet, with just a little extra detailing. To remove it, click “Delete my Cover Image” at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Change the Contents of My Profile?

Choose “Edit” from the small menu.  You will now be able to edit the three parts of your Profile – Basics, About Me and My Crafts.  You can also change your Privacy settings from this page – you can set each element of your Profile so that either Everyone, Only Me, All Members or My Friends can see this particular part.


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