Crafters are friendly folk.

Here are some ways you can find new friends on Craft Llama:

  • Join Crafty Groups – check out the Groups Page to see what groups are out there
  • Create Your Own Group – got an idea for a group?  Create your own and new friends will find you!
  • Follow people who interest you – chat regularly to someone, one of the most tried and tested way to new friendships!
  • Join in on the Forums – many friendships are made on forums.  Join in conversations that interest you.
  • Start new Conversations on the Forums – what do you like to chat about?  Others may well enjoy it too.
  • Share – share tutorials, hints and tips and crafty news
  • Share more – share links to your blog posts and tutorials
  • Invite your Friends from elsewhere – Invite your “real life” friends to Craft Llama.  Share your posts on Facebook and other social media. Check out our Invite Your Friends page for more ideas and links you can use.
  • On your Profile page you can fill in the crafts you enjoy doing.  Once you have done this, clicking on a craft name on your Profile will bring up a list of other members who also like that craft!


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