I am currently unable to remove myself (AlphaLlama) from some of the leaderboards. My account will not collect any further points and I will remove AlphaLlama from the boards as soon as I win my fight with the code! My apologies for this.

The strange “%user_profile_link%” entries are where I have deleted a spammer’s account.  Genuine Llamas – please get posting so we knock these off the leaderboards for good 🙂

[mycred_leaderboard number=20 current=1 ]

[mycred_leaderboard number=10 based_on=new_profile_update current=1]

[mycred_leaderboard number=10 based_on=sending_an_invite current=1]
[mycred_leaderboard number=10 based_on=site_visit current=1]


Hi, fill in this form to send me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


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