Welcome to Craft Llama!

Craft Llama is a free community website for crafty people – just like you.

Here are some of the things you can do on Craft Llama.  Please explore, have a good poke about 🙂

Your Profile Page

Fill in your Profile Page so other members of Craft Llama know what craft you like.  You can use this to help you find new friends too.

Psst – you may find you get a Badge and some Llama Points when you do this, just saying…

Activity Feed

This is where you share your thoughts, inspiration, creations and so on with your fellow Llamas.  To limit the posts you see to those of your friends, click the option saying MY FRIENDS (just under the place you type) –  this option will not be available until you have made some friends.   For more information on the Activity Feed, check out the Activity Feed Help Page.

The Activity feed page is the default home page when you are logged into Craft Llama.


Craft Llama has forums just for crafty chat!  They are divided into two halves: one for general craft conversations and the other for those of you who sell your crafts online or at fairs etc.  Poke about and get to know the various Forum catagories – and let me know if you feel one is missing!  For more information on how to use the Forums, check out the Craft Llama Forums Help Page.

Scroll down on the Forums page to see the last active threads.  This way you can be right up to the minute with the conversations.

Quizes and Competions

Still in its infancy, the number of quizzes will be growing as the time goes by.  Have a go and test your knowledge – you will win Llama Points too.  Let me know if you have any good ideas for quizzes.  Click here to go play a quiz – Craft Llama Quizzes or click here to find out more about quizzes – Crafty Quiz Help Page.

There will be regular competitions for Craft Llama members.  Check out the Competitions Section of the Forums for more details.

Badges and Points

You will earn colourful Craft Llama Badges as you explore and join in with the community.  Beautiful Friendship Badge

These can be seen on your Achievements tab on your Profile Page (also available from the My Craft Llama part of the main menu).

Doing things on the website will also earn you Llama Points.  The more you earn, the higher your Llama Rank will be!  You may also feature on the Llama Point Leaderboards.  I have additional, exciting uses planned for Llama Points in the future, so get collecting now!

For more information on collecting see the Craft Llama Badge Help Page and the Llama Points Help Page.

Join or Create a Crafting Group

Crafting Groups are a great way for friends to chat, or to find new crafty friends or information.  Join one of the existing groups or maybe start your own!  You can make it open to everyone, just your friends, or only to those you specifically invite.  For more information check out the Crafting Groups Help Page.

Getting Help

There are links to the Help Pages in the main top menu (under Content and also My Craft Llama) and a link at the very bottom of the screen.  At the bottom of the screen you will also find handy links to the User Guidelines, our Privacy Policy, Forum Rules, Linking and Sharing with your friends and how to Contact Us.

Never hesitate to contact me (@alphallama) or use the Contact Us page if you are having problems.

Help is never far away at Craft Llama.

There is more!

Check out the latest Craft news, send your friends a compliment, make new friends, browse the classified advert or create your own (free for Charter Members until 1st November 2017!) and more.  Explore the site and see what you can find.

And please do let me know your ideas for the future of Craft Llama – post them on the forums in the Future Features section of the Forums!




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